Sabbath Marketplace Service

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2, Kallang Ave 11th floor Conference Room, CT Hub unit 11-15

Dear friends,

We had a great weekend seeing many souls coming into the Kingdom of God and their souls saved for eternity. This harvest of souls was the result from the three days Celebration of Hope (COH) event held at our National Stadium. Hallelujah! The COH was evangelism on a massive scale which activated believers to reach out to non-believers on a national scale. What a joy to see families and individuals giving their lives to Yeshua during these three days events. Now is the time to begin intentional disciplining those new believers in the understanding of the Bible and what it entails to walk in Holiness and in Truth. Our Sabbath Marketplace Service was conceived because of this vision to prepare believers to receive the Return of Yeshua as the King of kings and Lord of lords.

This coming Saturday 25 March 2019, we will resume our Sabbath Marketplace Service with an important sharing on God’s Calendar. The enemy has intentionally corrupted the Times and Seasons to bring about destruction due to lack of understanding. We have been deceived for too long by the enemy’s ploy when he changed and confused God’s Times and Seasons. This three-part sharing on God’s Calendar is critical for our understanding of Biblical prophecies.  Biblical prophecies are derailed because they were not based on God’s Times and Seasons! This three-part sharing is our desire that you will begin to dig deeper into God’s Word to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal fresh insights in the light of our sharing.

I would like to encourage you to bring friends to our Sabbath Marketplace Service and be blessed.


Jehu ad Christine

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