Tour Promo Video to Israel – 9 to 20th October 2019

Jehu Chan - Apr 03 2019

Dear friends Do join us this year for an exciting tour of Israel where we will also cover Turkey, Jordan besides Israel. We will spend one day in Istanbul and then connect to Jordan to spend a day at Petra. The Tour will swing up to Israel from Agaba with the first stop at King Solomon […]

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Tour itinerary for this Blessed Trip to Israel and Jordan

Jehu Chan - May 05 2019

Dear friends ICEJ Singapore Branch is organizing the Feast of Tabernacles-Israel Tour which includes many exciting Biblical sites and the Jerusalem March. This is the year to visit Israel if you have not made the trip before. It is also the year to revisit as we will be going to Petra, Jordan. For more information, download […]

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Feast of Tabernacle Israel Tour 9th Oct-20th Oct 2019

Jehu Chan - Mar 04 2019

Dear friends This blog is to let you have a glimpse of what to expect during this coming October Tour to Israel. We celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles in this tour, to attend the ICEJ conference and to participate in the worship. Click on to this video link below just to sense the excitement of […]

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ICEJ Israel 2019 Tour

Jehu Chan - Oct 05 2018

Dear friends We just returned home from a glorious trip to Israel. We wish you could join us. This year is very special as it is a confluence of several very important events, the 50 years of a united Jerusalem, 70 years since Israel’s independence, 100 years since the Balfour Declaration, 100 years since Gen […]

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Unpacking the Book of Revelation from the Hebraic Mindset Part 2

Jehu Chan - Feb 28 2019

Dear friends This is Part 2 of the video series. Unfortunately, we did not start recording from the beginning of the lessons. We will video record our future lessons. The lesson is slightly more than one hour and we have to break it into segments of not more than 15 minutes in order to upload […]

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Unpacking the Book of Revelation from the Hebraic Mindset Part1

Jehu Chan - Feb 28 2019

Dear friends My wife and I have been teaching the Book of Revelation from the Jewish or Hebraic mindset for several years. There have been many requests for us to record our lessons in video format so those who could not attend the class could watch the lessons in the comfort of their armchairs. We […]

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The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Jehu Chan - Feb 25 2018

Names have significant meanings in history and even today. Abram means the exalted father. God covenanted with Abram to be the father of multitudes, many nations and hence the name change from Abram to Abraham, the father of multitudes. In the same manner, Jacob means “he who grasp the heel, or the supplanter”. After Jacob […]

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Nuclear War is Approaching

Jehu Chan - Feb 06 2018

Nuclear war is approaching! This is the mainstream prophecy of doomsday scenario within a short time, and definitely within our generation. Or is this so? Have I missed something which the Word of God has said or is it just what the soothsayers proclaim? If this is so, are you really to meet with Yeshua? […]

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Unpacking the Book of Revelation from the Hebraic Mindset is finally launched

Jehu Chan - Aug 14 2017

Dear friends, This Book which took us more than ten years of study and teaching the Book of Revelation is finally launched and available for purchase (Singapore only) through this website. I am working on the e-book version but need help to get it done. I would appreciate if any of you could assist. You […]

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A Powerful Testimony of the Executive Director of ICEJ

Jehu Chan - Aug 31 2016

“I am the Lord who heals you” A powerful testimony of healing – Revelation 19:10 What the LORD has done for Dr Jurgen Buhler, HE can do for you. Receive your healing today!   By Dr. Jürgen Bühler In late November, I found myself at Shaarei Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem for what I thought were […]

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