Return of Yeshua – The Fall Feasts of the LORD

Jehu Chan - Dec 18 2023

Our Lord Yeshua is soon coming for His bride. Are you prepared to welcome Him? Don’t let His return pass you by, similar to how the Pharisees and Sadducees missed His first advent. This instructional video aims to provide you with a more profound insight into the timing of His second coming. You will discover […]

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My Encounter with GOD

Jehu Chan - Jul 11 2019

Dear friends, My daughter and I trekked up the Summit of Mt. Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia on 19th June 2019. At the summit, I worship God, the creator of all things and the majesty of His creation. After an arduous trek back to my Airbnb apartment in downtown Kinabalu, I was […]

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The Blessings of Observing Sabbath

Jehu Chan - Apr 30 2019

Dear friends I have uploaded the teaching on the “Blessings of Observing Shabbat” for your further studies. May the Lord opens your heart to receive the teaching and to spend your Shabbat with Him. Shalom Jehu Chan

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Bereshit – The deeper meaning from the Hebraic Mindset

Jehu Chan - Apr 29 2019

Dear friends We know our Bible was written by the Jewish prophets, kings, and priests. Hence to have a deeper insight into their messages, we need to understand the context their writings were done against the background of their traditions and culture. Indeed, the first word Bereshit in the Jewish Bible has embedded much more […]

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Should I Tithe Only To My Church?

Jehu Chan - Mar 28 2019

Dear friends So have you heard from your pastor to tithe only to your church? I have. So that started me searching the Word of God to determine for myself what does the Word say. To my surprise, this search for the truth liberated me from the guilt trip that I should tithe all my […]

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