My Encounter with GOD

Jehu Chan - Jul 11 2019

Dear friends, My daughter and I trekked up the Summit of Mt. Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia on 19th June 2019. At the summit, I worship God, the creator of all things and the majesty of His creation. After an arduous trek back to my Airbnb apartment in downtown Kinabalu, I was […]

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The Blessings of Observing Sabbath

Jehu Chan - Apr 30 2019

Dear friends I have uploaded the teaching on the “Blessings of Observing Shabbat” for your further studies. May the Lord opens your heart to receive the teaching and to spend your Shabbat with Him. Shalom Jehu Chan

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Bereshit – The deeper meaning from the Hebraic Mindset

Jehu Chan - Apr 29 2019

Dear friends We know our Bible was written by the Jewish prophets, kings, and priests. Hence to have a deeper insight into their messages, we need to understand the context their writings were done against the background of their traditions and culture. Indeed, the first word Bereshit in the Jewish Bible has embedded much more […]

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Should I Tithe Only To My Church?

Jehu Chan - Mar 28 2019

Dear friends So have you heard from your pastor to tithe only to your church? I have. So that started me searching the Word of God to determine for myself what does the Word say. To my surprise, this search for the truth liberated me from the guilt trip that I should tithe all my […]

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Sharing at ICEJ International Leadership Conference in Jerusalem (2017)

Jehu Chan - Mar 16 2019

Dear friends I chanced upon this video lost in my hard disk yesterday as I was doing house cleaning to reduce the numerous large files in my computer. It was my sharing as the Director of ICEJ Singapore branch at the International Leaders Conference held in Jerusalem in 2017. It is a short video for […]

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New Heaven and New Earth

Jehu Chan - Mar 10 2019

Dear friends This is the concluding video on our teaching from the book of Revelation with a summary of the events during the seven years of tribulation mentioned in the book of Daniel leading into the millennium reign and rule of Yeshua from Jerusalem. The teaching ends with my understanding from my study of the book […]

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Unpacking the Book of Revelation from the Hebraic Mindset Part 2

Jehu Chan - Feb 28 2019

Dear friends This is Part 2 of the video series. Unfortunately, we did not start recording from the beginning of the lessons. We will video record our future lessons. The lesson is slightly more than one hour and we have to break it into segments of not more than 15 minutes in order to upload […]

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Unpacking the Book of Revelation from the Hebraic Mindset Part1

Jehu Chan - Feb 28 2019

Dear friends My wife and I have been teaching the Book of Revelation from the Jewish or Hebraic mindset for several years. There have been many requests for us to record our lessons in video format so those who could not attend the class could watch the lessons in the comfort of their armchairs. We […]

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Singapore to fufill her destiny as the Antioch of the East

Jehu Chan - Mar 15 2018

On 13th March 2018, at Kingdom Invasion Conference, Lou Engle mentioned three 40 years events that took place which have great spiritual implications for Singapore. In 1938, John Sung third visit to Singapore, many young men and women were impacted who became pastors of the City. Forty years later in 1978, Evangelist Billy Graham came […]

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The Role of the local Church – The Great Commission

Jehu Chan - Feb 13 2018

On 11 February 2018, I preached a sermon which I would like to share with you. Here is the link you could watch the “Role of the Local Church and the Great Commission” message preached on that day. Shalom

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