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My Encounter with GOD

Dear friends,

My daughter and I trekked up the Summit of Mt. Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia on 19th June 2019. At the summit, I worship God, the creator of all things and the majesty of His creation. After an arduous trek back to my Airbnb apartment in downtown Kinabalu, I was woken up the next morning at 5:00 am (20 June 2019) and I heard Abba Father’s voice clearly. He said, “My Son is returning soon, but my Church is not ready”. I wept bitterly as I heard this warning and my heart was very heavy. I asked Abba Father how to equip believers for His Son’s soon return. Abba Father told me that there are three strong spirits during this EndTimes to deceive the Church. These spirits are the spirit of Balaam “who taught Balak to put a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols, and to commit sexual immorality” (Rev 2:14b), the doctrine of Nicolaitans (Rev 2:15b) which distort the Truth¬† and the spirit of Jezebel (Rev 2:20), which is the spirit of control, the spirit of miscommunication and lies.

There is an urgency to disciple the body of Jesus to know the Truth, to love the Truth and to defend the Truth.

Let us do our part, firstly to know and to love the Truth, to purify our thoughts and actions, to get rid of uncleanliness within us, to have enough oil like the five wise virgins (Matt 25) and to disciple others to do likewise.