Sabbath Marketplace Service Feb 29 2020

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2, Kallang Ave 11th floor Conference Room, CT Hub unit 11-15

Dear all

We have just completed the “Power of the Mind” which is to prepare us to understand God’s given self-will to us. It is of utmost importance to understand how our Mind operates in order to have our body, soul and spirit transformed into His image and likeness – Romans 12:1-2

The Spirit of GOD prompted us, as we were ending our teaching on “the Power of the Mind”, that now is the time to revisit the Book of Revelation BUT from the Old Testament angle. This is His Time.  We are instructed (Rev 1:3) to enter into deeper revelation and understanding of what the End Time signs are telling us. This is the Time when Understanding is revealed in greater measures to God’s sons and daughters. (Dan 8:26 & Rev 10:7,11, Rev 22:10) The writings are on “the wall” So do join us in this journey of discovery from the Book of Daniel and from our beloved mentor and teacher, Dr. Kevin J. Conner. All the material from these series of teachings is taken wholesale from Dr. Conner’s expository book entitled “The Book of Daniel – an exposition” We are indebted to Dr. Conner’s teachings and his insights on the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation.

Be blessed and come to the table to learn and to hear what the Holy Spirit of God is telling us. (Rev 1:3)


Jehu and Christine

ICEJ National Director

Singapore Branch

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