Jehu has penned a timely and readable reminder to restore the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. Reading the Old and New Testaments with a Hebrew mindset brings much-needed clarity, especially to Bible prophecies.

Along with this is an urgent call to intentional discipling, especially in being the Bride of Christ. Jehu rightly emphasises how, in a world of increasing darkness and lawlessness, our role as salt and light is fleshed out in the excellent way of love and grace in our relationships with God, our spouses and families, and our neighbours.

Get your copy of this book, and be blessed to be a blessing! On a more personal level, our good friends Jehu and Christine have gone through much in life. In their special relationship with Abba Father, the GOOD God, they serve with a GOOD Heart, and live a GOOD Life, looking forward to the BEST of being part of the Bride of Christ at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!  Precious gems of glorious truths abound in his simple book, for you to receive and be blessed with.


7th Bishop of Singapore (1982-2000)

1ST Archbishop of the Anglican Province of South East Asia (1996-2000)

Elder Jehu Chan is a very gracious gentleman, a faithful servant of God and a great partner in ministry. I have known him for over 20 years as a dependable friend, co-worker and elder, missionary partner and marketplace leader. I’m pleased to recommend this book that opens up the Jewish roots of our faith, and the critical role that Jewish culture plays in the Bible.

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb powerfully declares the love of Christ for His church. Our Lord is preparing for the greatest wedding celebration in history, where He will marry His Bride — the people of God from every generation, tongue, tribe and nation. This book reveals the biblical foundations of marriage, parenting and preparation for kingdom living, destiny and Christian witness in a lost world.

Jehu has always been a person of excellence, and this amazing book shows why. It is a must-read for every believer!

Senior Elder, City Missions Church
Chairman, Marketplace Leadership Institute
Chairman, IPP Financial Advisers Holdings

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is a fascinating book, offering insights for understanding the Bible and living life—in marriage, bringing up children and loving our neighbours. It is a book for our times, where the inclination to blame is strong while the inclination to do what we can (and what we must) is weak.

This may appear to be a little book, but it is a powerful one filled with knowledge and wisdom. Read it for a fuller understanding of the Bible, for it explains the cultural context we need to understand much of the truths of Holy Scripture, especially how it parallels the Hebrew marriage tradition. Jehu draws lessons from Genesis to Revelation, and weaves his insights into an integral whole that feeds mind, heart and spirit! It is not to be read as a bedtime story or a time-filler, but in earnest pursuit of understanding. You will not be disappointed.

Jehu exhibits a heart of love and understanding, a desire to do good and to help others grow, and a mind that is curious and persistent. He writes with clarity and imperative, and makes us think about what is truly important in life.


Co-author, The Leader, The Teacher & You and Winning With Honour

I have known Jehu since we were classmates in school. He has been very successful in his career in banking, but through it
all he never lost sight of his purpose in life. He is courageous in sharing the Gospel, and this book is another example of the way he shares his faith. That it will also help others in their journey through life is an added blessing.


Chairman, Credence Partners Pte Ltd

It has been an honour and privilege for my wife and I to know Jehu and Christine Chan during the 16 years we have been serving together in the same Singapore church. One only has to be in their company for a short time before recognising their unwavering love for one another and for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jehu’s book, The Marriage Supper of the Lamb, will enlighten readers to better understand and appreciate God’s original intention as shown in Scripture, especially through the marriage covenant—which Jehu has beautifully brought to life!
I believe that this book will inspire readers to appreciate the beauty of Scripture and the sanctity of marriage, and dedicate themselves to preparing for the return of Jesus Christ, our soon and coming King.

Director, World Outreach International