Jehu has penned a timely and readable reminder to restore the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. Reading the Old and New Testaments with a Hebrew mindset brings much-needed clarity, especially to Bible prophecies.

Along with this is an urgent call to intentional discipling, especially in being the Bride of Christ. Jehu rightly emphasises how, in a world of increasing darkness and lawlessness, our role as salt and light is fleshed out in the excellent way of love and grace in our relationships with God, our spouses and families, and our neighbours.

Get your copy of this book, and be blessed to be a blessing! On a more personal level, our good friends Jehu and Christine have gone through much in life. In their special relationship with Abba Father, the GOOD God, they serve with a GOOD Heart, and live a GOOD Life, looking forward to the BEST of being part of the Bride of Christ at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!  Precious gems of glorious truths abound in his simple book, for you to receive and be blessed with.


7th Bishop of Singapore (1982-2000)

1ST Archbishop of the Anglican Province of South East Asia (1996-2000)