I first met Jehu Chan in 2005, and immediately knew him to be a man with an infectious joy and love for Jesus and His church. He carries this warmth and zeal into all the areas of his life, most of all into his family and the church.

His soaring love for Jesus and zeal for the kingdom of God marks his life, and shines through this book on the second coming of Jesus. It is full of precious insights, especially those pertaining to the Jewish background of the book of Revelation. His insights into the significance of the Jewish wedding, and its parallels with the marriage between Jesus and His church, are particularly heart-warming and faith-building. Jehu also points us to look afresh at the Jewish feasts as keys to understanding the Lord’s return.

Jehu’s book reaches its climax with a challenge to the reader— to respond radically by becoming a true disciple, one who loves mercy and reaches out with compassion to a dying world. Reading this book cannot fail to stir believers with a deeper love for Jesus and a passion to share this love, and so make them ready for the return of the Bridegroom!


Author, Bible Teacher, Preacher and Pastor
Head of Biblical Studies, Marketplace Bible Institute, Singapore