The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is a fascinating book, offering insights for understanding the Bible and living life—in marriage, bringing up children and loving our neighbours. It is a book for our times, where the inclination to blame is strong while the inclination to do what we can (and what we must) is weak.

This may appear to be a little book, but it is a powerful one filled with knowledge and wisdom. Read it for a fuller understanding of the Bible, for it explains the cultural context we need to understand much of the truths of Holy Scripture, especially how it parallels the Hebrew marriage tradition. Jehu draws lessons from Genesis to Revelation, and weaves his insights into an integral whole that feeds mind, heart and spirit! It is not to be read as a bedtime story or a time-filler, but in earnest pursuit of understanding. You will not be disappointed.

Jehu exhibits a heart of love and understanding, a desire to do good and to help others grow, and a mind that is curious and persistent. He writes with clarity and imperative, and makes us think about what is truly important in life.


Co-author, The Leader, The Teacher & You and Winning With Honour