I first met Jehu as the Elder/Pastor in City Missions Church and was very fortunate to be mentored by him in FGB Gatekeepers. Jehu is a man with a deep love for God Abba Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit and the word of God. He is a man who seeks the truth and tells the truth as it is. I benefited tremendously from his Mentorship.

Jehu loves people and is very passionate about mentoring and discipling others. Besides his own children, he has birthed many spiritual children, passing on God’s DNA. I am impressed by his deep knowledge of Hebrew Culture, mind-set and weddings and its implications in understanding the Bible.

Thanks to Jehu’s love for scripture and people, it has created the desire in him to bless everyone, giving us hope to develop ourselves to be the Bride of Christ, ready and longing for His return to bring us to the Grand Wedding and living out the Great Commission of “Making Disciples of all Nations”. This book is a must read for everyone.

Senior Financial Services Manager at IPP Financial Advisers, Co-founder of Servehope Pte Ltd,

Author of The Path To Success And Happiness