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Singapore to fufill her destiny as the Antioch of the East

On 13th March 2018, at Kingdom Invasion Conference, Lou Engle mentioned three 40 years events that took place which have great spiritual implications for Singapore.

In 1938, John Sung third visit to Singapore, many young men and women were impacted who became pastors of the City. Forty years later in 1978, Evangelist Billy Graham came and prophesied Singapore as the Antioch of the East. A nation sending out preachers and spiritual leaders to impact nations. Over the years, the church grew from 8% to more than 20% of the population. Forty years later in 2018, Billy Graham entered into glory and went home to be with the Lord. His last wish was a global growth of evangelism to bring in the Final Harvest.

We now enter into the third Forty-years in 2018. Let the fullness of the seeds of evangelism spring up in our nation and to see Singapore rise up as the Antioch of the East. Let us discern the mighty move of the Holy Spirit and to work with Him to bring about this great spiritual fulfilment.

We declare our sons and daughters will in increasing numbers, go to the nations, to disciple and to transform nations into the character of our God. We declare that this generation of spiritual fathers and mothers will arise to mentor, to disciple and to nurture future generations of men and women who are the Daniels and the Esthers of their nations. 

We are already seeing this happening in our midst as organizations like FGB Gatekeepers, OMF, World OutReach and churches in Singapore are going to the nations as apostles, evangelists, prophets, teachers and pastors, plundering hell and populating heaven for The Kingdom of God.