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The Book Of Revelation

Why Study the Book of Revelation?

This Book is one of the most important prophetic books in the Bible.

It is however, not  taught much in churches because of the

difficulties in understanding a prophetic book that has many of its

imageries embedded in the Jewish culture and traditions, such as the

Feast of the Lord, meaning of the menorah, the Jewish

Betrothal covenant, the Jewish temple worship and much more.

Jehu and Christine have been teaching this important book for more than

ten years and only in the last three years, their understanding has been

deepen by their knowledge of the Jewish culture and traditions.

You are encouraged to come and listen to their teachings which is

conducted on every Saturday

from 4 pm to 6 pm, unless they travel.

Click on this link to find out more https://jehuchan.com/events/class-book-revelation/

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