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The sons of God and the Bride

The Menorah (Lampstand) has seven lights. The fourth light is known as the Shemesh light or the Servant light. In Genesis 1:14-19, God created the sun and the moon on the fourth day and hence the number four points toward the sun, which gives out light. In a similar way, the Son of man is the Light of the world.

Fourth letter to the church in Thyatira

When we map this Jewish understanding of numerology over to the fourth Letter to the church in Thyatira, an interesting parallel comes into view. The commendation for the church in Thyatira is “I know your works, love, service, faith, and your patience; and for your works, the last are more than the first” – Revelation 2:19. Patience is required to birth spiritual sons and daughters and this is the work that Abba Father gave to His Son Yeshua – John 17:4 i.e. to disciple the twelve disciples. I believe the timeline starts when Yeshua began His discipling and fathering process which produces the twelve disciples. To birth spiritual sons and daughters, you must know your identity as the sons of God and the work Abba Father has entrusted you in the same way He has entrusted His Son Yeshua. Your mission or work is to reproduce yourselves, by birthing spiritual sons and daughters. Notice the reward for the overcomers in the church in Thyatira – Revelation 2:27-28 is to rule over the nations. This is the hallmark of the sons of God.

Fifth and sixth letters to the church in Sardis and the church in Philadelphia

As you move onto the fifth and sixth Letters to the church in Sardis and the church in Philadelphia, we begin to notice more of the language of a betrothal Jewish bride. The overcomers in these two churches and in particular, the church in Philadelphia speaks of the New Jerusalem which in Revelation 20:9 is the “Lamb’s wife”, the bride of Yeshua.

The timeline is close to the return of Yeshua for His Bride. So in the sixth letter which is the number 6 for mankind, the ultimate desire of Abba Father for mankind is to embrace us as the Bride of His Son Yeshua.

More on the last and the seventh letter to the church of the Laodiceans in the next post.