Singapore to fufill her destiny as the Antioch of the East

Jehu Chan - Mar 15 2018

On 13th March 2018, at Kingdom Invasion Conference, Lou Engle mentioned three 40 years events that took place which have great spiritual implications for Singapore. In 1938, John Sung third visit to Singapore, many young men and women were impacted who became pastors of the City. Forty years later in 1978, Evangelist Billy Graham came […]

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The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Jehu Chan - Feb 25 2018

Names have significant meanings in history and even today. Abram means the exalted father. God covenanted with Abram to be the father of multitudes, many nations and hence the name change from Abram to Abraham, the father of multitudes. In the same manner, Jacob means “he who grasp the heel, or the supplanter”. After Jacob […]

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The Role of the local Church – The Great Commission

Jehu Chan - Feb 13 2018

On 11 February 2018, I preached a sermon which I would like to share with you. Here is the link you could watch the “Role of the Local Church and the Great Commission” message preached on that day. Shalom

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Jehu Chan - Jan 15 2018

In the Book of ACTS chapter One verse 1b “Jesus began both to do and teach”. How often we reverse this important learning and impartation process by doing the reverse. We TEACH merely to impart knowledge and sometimes, we do not DO. What Jesus did was to do first, then to reinforce the doing part […]

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Who we are

Jehu Chan - Jun 20 2016

Our Vision FGB Gatekeepers Singapore is a body of believers empowered by the Holy Spirit to transform the culture* of nations through discipling men and women for the work of the Kingdom of God. *To transform the culture means to bring in the values of God’s Kingdom represented by integrity, honesty, righteousness, charity, peace and faithfulness into […]

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